Cool place to stay in Morocco? Yoga, surfing and million dollar views

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Morocco is quickly becoming a top bucket-list destination, and we can see why!

Surf and Yoga Morocco

The colours, the people, the food, the architecture, the weather and the surf all combine to give you an experience like no other. Finding the right place to stay, with a balance between the luxuries you crave and the adventures you desire can sometimes be hard. 

We recently were lucky enough to stay with Dfrost Almugar at both the Yoga Villa Surya and the Surf and Yoga House. Long story short, we are already looking for a time to return. Whether your a surfer, a yogi, or generally looking for an exotic escape, they are really able to give you an experience you will never forget. 

Yoga and Surf Morocco

Both of Dfrost Almugar's Villas are located just about an hour of out Agadir, where you can fly directly from most locations! Their friendly shuttle drivers will be waiting for you on arrival.

Dfrost Almugar offers two options of accomodation, both within 20 minutes of each other, and both offering unique experiences and life long memories. 

The Yoga Villa

Villa Surya, a peaceful sanctuary where your mind can breath and your body can restore... 

Looking to relax in Morocco?

Villa Surya, Dfrost Almugar's 'Yoga Villa' is likely the spot you will be looking for. Villa Surya is located in Paradis Plage, about 20 minute drive from Taghazout

Yoga and Surf Morocco

This Villa breathes relaxation offers a soothing release as soon as you walk in the front door. With large and open rooms flowing with the afternoon sea breeze, and multiple outdoor spaces to lay back and read a book, it won't take long for your stresses to dissolve. 

Morocco surf and yoga


The welcoming staff will make you feel more than at home. The girls welcoming us to Villa Surya reached out with open arms, ready to answer any questions and meet any request - they are genuinely always happy to help with anything at all.

This is something which you will find stands out with all of Dfrosts Villas and Services - the staff are amazing - they are there because they want to be there, and this really is reflected in their genuine smiles and positive attitude at all times throughout the day. 

So what does a standard day at Villa Surya look like?

Well, it goes something a little like this... Rise at 7am with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and traditional tea floating through your windows. Head downstairs and enjoy freshly squeezed juice, coffee and tea, before slowly making your way upstairs to the amazing yoga studio overlooking the ocean, and letting the sun rise as you begin your practice.

Yoga and Surf Morocco

Expect the instructors to sense the vibe day-by-day, and to structure their sessions accordingly. This is no average 'gym yoga class', it will be a high standard unique session and will be catered completely to the mood. However, no experience is necessary to benefit from this – the instructors are more than qualified to help complete beginners to get the absolute most from the time spent at the Villa, and beginners can expect to leave with a new found passion for yoga. 

Head down from your morning Yoga and enjoy a fresh and traditional healthy breakfast laid out, ready and waiting. Either find your own spot somewhere throughout the amazing outdoor settings, or sit with your fellow guests as the sun warms the court yard. Whether you are in the mood to socialise, or would rather enjoy the time for your self, the Villa has space to accomodate you perfectly. 

Surf and Yoga Morocco

And from there? Simply choose from a range of available activities like horse riding on the beach, peaceful treks, surfing with the experienced instructors, visit the local towns and sights or simply lay back and read a book on the open terrace. With a sauna ready for your taking, and an in-house masseuse, you will feel like your living the true Moroccan dream.  

Surf and Yoga Morocco

There will then be an evening yoga session, again, catered to the vibe. During the end of the session the aromas from the kitchen downstairs will be be sure to be on your mind.

The home-cooked vegetarian and vegan Moroccan meals at Villa Surya never disappoint, and always had the guests asking the friendly staff for tips on how they too cook them at home – of course, the chef was happy to provide helpful tips and instructions.

Leave the Villa feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and completely at ease - as always, the staff will be there to organise all transport and transfers and make sure you are always completely relaxed. 

The Surf House

Want to learn to surf? Want to know where to surf in Morocco? 

Surf and Yoga Morocco

The amazing Surf and Yoga House is located in the heart of Taghazout, right on the water – literally, right on the water. Here, you are able to really focus on your surfing with all kinds of assistance and equipment made available for your taking.

Whether you’re a total beginner, a keen intermediate or a seasoned expert, the Surf House has what you need.

Surf and Yoga Morocco

Of course, you can also partake in the morning and evening yoga sessions. Here, the instructor will be definitely keeping in mind that you may be a bit tired from the day in the waves, and of course, will always tailor the session to the class's needs and desires. 

And let’s be honest, this yoga setting is not all that bad is it? It was the most perfect way to wake up, and then to completely unwind with a meditation session as the sun slowly falls into the ocean.

Surf and Yoga Morocco


At the Surf and Yoga House, its about location, location, location. This Villa is located just minutes walk from some of Morocco’s famous world class waves, including the long and perfect right hander, Anchor Point. When the swells up, you can literally roll over in your bed and look out your room window and decide where you’d like to surf. All rooms offered will treat you with the tranquil sounds of waves at the shore as you sleep.

Surf and Yoga Morocco

And when there is no surf out the front, at Dfrost, there are always other options.

The expert Moroccan Dfrost Surf Guides take out ‘Surfaris’ each morning after the buffet breakfast, and they will find you the best wave on the coast in any conditions. Whether it is 10 minutes down the road, or in a completely different town, the Dfrost Surf Guides will take you to places that most regular tourists wouldn’t even know exist.

Jump in the brand new van, turn the music up, chat with your fellow guests and enjoy, because the guides have it all covered.

Surfari Morocco

And when your back at the Villa? Well again, location, location, location.

Sit out on the huge terrace and soak up the sun by the water. Jump in the hot-tub, and get to know the other guests and the amazing young staff.

Or wander into town and visit the local stores and restaurants. Taghazout is a friendly and peaceful town with even friendlier people – with its baby blue buildings and crystal clear waters it is pretty hard to not fall in love.

Surf and Yoga Villa

The Surf Villa also offered us multiple day trips for those days when you think you might want to skip the waves. Head to the beautiful lush oasis of Paradise Valley, or check out the bustling souks of Marrakech, and leave all the organisation to the knowledgeable guides!

Paradis Valley

Dfrost really manages to offer everything you need and to make it the most relaxing, interesting and fulfilling getaway you can dream of. We cannot wait to return, and we have definetely found our own Moroccan addiction.  

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Thinking about a Morocco Trip?

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Feeling the need to going somewhere a lit bit different? A bit exotic perhaps, yet friendly, warm, colourful and full of magic? 

Feeling the need to lose yourself?




Looking for a glowing orange sunset on beautiful long beaches?


Thinking about escaping to the colour, lights, patterns and magic of Morocco?

Stay tuned! This week on Instagram we will be showing you some amazing hidden treasures and places that you cannot risk missing from your itinerary! 

Make sure to be following us on Instagram, at namaste_collective to follow us around...

Pack your bags, you won't regret it - Here's a hint: Villa Surya

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New Henna Kits Almost In - Pre-order now!

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It's getting close, our new batch of henna kits are almost ready! 

We ran out of our popular Henna Kits WAY fast than we expected leading up to Christmas last year, so we have scrambled to produce a new batch of kits for all of you desperate to get started. 

These kits will have the freshest and most pure henna to ensure you can get those great dark stains, while still staying completely natural and being kind to your precious skin!

We will be keeping the 'pre-order discount' open for 1 more week, so make sure to grab one in advance while the early bird offer lasts! 

As always, get in touch any time!


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How is henna used around the world?

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Where did henna come from? What role does henna play in different traditions? Where does henna grow?

Henna has been used in multiple places all around the world for thousands of years. From the obvious India and Pakistan, to Africa and the Middle East, it has been a common form of tradition and art in various cultures and communities.

The different uses for henna have varied in the past. From body decoration in Hindu festivals, fasts and weddings, to purely practical uses like hair dye, and medicine. Thousands of years ago, people of the dessert would even cover their skin in henna to make the most of its cooling properties and avoid being burnt by the hot summer sun.

In Indian weddings, the wife is often covered in beautiful and intricate designs. One traditional belief is that as long as the henna stain lasts on the brides skin, she does not have to do any housework! Men will also use henna at weddings, and it is a large part of the preparation in the days leading up to these huge events.

However, henna has not only had a place in traditional Indian events. It has also been used within a number of cultures and religions such as Islam and even Judaism in places such as Morocco, Yemen and Iraq and the list could go on! And as the places of use vary, so does the henna! As henna is a natural plant, the powder it produces will vary form place to place! For instance, some henna may produce a darker stain, while other henna may leave a red stain! It all depends on a whole bunch of factors. 

And the plants? Natural henna plants are found growing all around the world, again from the fields of Pakistan and India, even to farms in Australia! 


Never hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more about henna, or even to share your own stories or knowledge with us // we love to hear it all!


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Can Henna be dangerous, and what is Black Henna?

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Is henna dangerous? What is black henna? Can henna hurt you?

This is a topic which often causes confusion! Unfortunately, often the media will group all types of 'henna' into the one group - including those pastes that are full of chemicals and nasties, that call themselves "henna". 

Our Henna Kits use only natural and pure forms of henna. Henna is a plant that when ground up, can be mixed with liquids to form a Henna paste. Natural Henna stains a dark brown colour on your skin. The pure Henna powder releases dye molecules when mixed with essential oils and water; this allows the organic stain to happen. It is all a natural process, and it takes some time to happen! 

'Black Henna'

However, many stores are now selling what they call 'black henna'. 

If the Henna you have come across elsewhere stains ‘black’, it is definitely not natural. It is dangerous.

‘Black Henna’ is made from chemical dyes mixed in with pre-made paste, and it is these strong and potent chemicals that leave the ‘black’ stain behind on your skin. Black Henna is not like natural Henna paste at all. If you are on holiday and somebody offers you a 'black henna tattoo' where they promise 'instant' or 'black' stains, be careful, as it is likely not henna!

Sometimes our customers get confused and when they see our photos, they see that sometimes our henna looks black. These photos are of when the henna paste is still in paste form. It does not, however, leave behind a black stain - more a dark red / brown natural stain! 

Check out our blog on 'black henna' to learn more about it here! 

So what about natural henna? 

In practice, applying henna to your skin is a completely natural process! It is a ground up plant, mixed with natural essential oils. However, a very, very small percentage of people can have allergic reactions to the henna (or the oil), despite it being natural. For example, some people have allergic reactions if their skin comes into contact with natural skin creams, or even fruits and vegetables! 

Some people also may have existing conditions. If you are aware of any skin sensitivity, or anything which may cause a reaction, we advise to be very careful, and to consult a doctor first - always better safe than sorry! It is for this reason we also suggest that everyone tests the henna (if it is their first time) on a small patch of skin first. 

Educate your friends! 

Henna is an amazing natural plant which can be used to express creativity in so many ways! It is a shame that the cheap, and somewhat fake types of 'henna' can tarnish the reputation of such an amazing traditional art form so much!

Make sure that next time you hear someone say "all henna is dangerous" that you remind them that natural henna, in its pure form, is pretty much as natural and safe as it gets! It is the 'black henna' pastes, and the pre-made tube pastes which can pose the real threat! We provide more information on this in our Henna Kit instruction booklets, which sets it out in nice and simple terms! 


Feel free to get in touch with any questions whatsoever, we always love to help! 


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