Due to high demand, Henna 'Top-Up Packs' are in!

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So it appears many of you having been loving your Henna Kits, so much so that you have ran out of Henna! We understand that you may not want to purchase the full kit again, as, well, we can see you know how to do henna pretty well now!

So, due to high demand, we have put together a special 'TOP-UP Pack' to make sure you can keep those amazing henna designs flowing! 

Henna Kit - Top Up Pack - Natural Henna Powder

As with the Henna in our Henna Kit, there is a fresh Satchel of Pure and Natural Henna powder, finely sifted, and ready to be mixed into a completely natural henna paste. All from the most recent and fresh harvest!

{The Pack Includes}

- Henna Satchel (the same as included in our Henna Kit, top quality and enough for 40 small designs)
- Transfer bag, to easily get the paste into your applicator bottles
- Namaste Mandala Sticker

We suggest mixing the satchel with the same ratios outlined in our Henna Kit Instruction Booklet to get the best texture!

If you have lost your booklet and cannot remember the ratio to mix the henna with, just get in touch and we would happily send you another one! 

If you have not yet tried the 'Henna Kit', we suggest using that first as it provides step by step instructions from mixing, to application and aftercare. It also has two very easy to use henna applicator bottles included, along with a tracing pencil!

Feel free to get in touch with us at any stage whatsoever - there really is no such thing as a silly question! 

Enjoy, and stay creative!!! 

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