Black Henna? Stay Natural, Stay Safe!

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Stay natural, stay safe!

Some folk have been asking us if we stock ‘black Henna’ and ‘coloured Henna’, and we thought it was time to make our answer clear:

Absolutely not!

Henna is a plant that when ground up, can be mixed with liquids to form a Henna paste. Natural Henna stains a dark brown colour on your skin. The pure Henna powder releases dye molecules when mixed with essential oils and water; this allows the organic stain to happen. It is all a natural process.


Henna Powder

If the Henna you have come across elsewhere stains ‘black’, it is definitely not natural. It is dangerous.

‘Black Henna’ is made from chemical dyes mixed in with pre-made paste, and it is these strong and potent chemicals that leave the ‘black’ stain behind on your skin. Black Henna is not like natural Henna paste at all.

We have come across dozens of horror stories along our adventures of people getting ‘black Henna’ tattoos while away on holidays, or that they purchased online, where the stain actually left permanent welts on the skin. The Google image results of the search ‘black Henna injuries’ are enough to make you stay clear and stick natural! Check out the Gold Coast Bulletin’s article on an unlucky child who suffered a permanent ‘black Henna’ tattoo reaction here: Gold Coast Bulletin - Henna Tattoo Burn 

We have also come across Henna users who have said the pre-made Henna Pastes did not hurt their skin, but they did hurt someone else’s when they applied it on them.


We say don’t risk it, stay natural!

Henna Paste is not meant to last naturally for longer than 24 hours unless frozen, so any paste that has been sitting on a shelf for months before it is used quite possibly contains something else that is staining your skin, not natural Henna.

It is for this reason that Namaste Collective use pure and natural  Henna in our Henna Kits – we let you know exactly what it is your putting on your skin! You can see it before your own eyes, and you can test it on a small patch of skin first incase you are still worried about a reaction to the natural plant. No chemicals, no secrets!


So how can you tell if the Henna you have been using is safe?

Firstly, if the paste (or a Henna artist) you are using says it can be taken off after less than an hour after application, it most likely contains chemicals! Natural Henna is meant to be left on the skin for over an hour for best results. Any paste that claims to work in less than an hour will most likely involve chemical dyes entering your skin, not natural henna! This isn’t to say that natural Henna cannot stain in less than an hour, often it will, but anything advertising ‘instant stains’ should not be trusted.

Secondly, if the Henna smells like chemicals, that is probably because it contains them! Natural Henna will smell like cut hay, and may also have a tinge of the essential oil smell added with it. Anything else will suggest it is a nasty paste!

Thirdly, if the supplier can’t tell you exactly when the paste was brewed, and what mixers were used to allow the dye to release, it is because they are hiding something from you! Find out the truth, or don’t risk it!

Be kind to your precious skin, and keep it all natural!

Share this with your friends, and help them avoid the horrible mistake of using a dangerous chemical Henna paste! On behalf of the Namaste Collective Nomads, sending you all good vibes!







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