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Q & A with Henna Artist Sarala Aravind. Aka Henna Paradise

Salara, engineer by education, is a Brisbane based Henna artist. Indian born she grew up watching henna being used everywhere, and since the age of 12 began doing Henna on herself. Though no one in her immediate family does henna, it somehow connected to her very strongly. 

1) How did you first start getting into henna?
My love with henna started at her grandmother's backyard where there is a tall beautiful henna plant beside the other crops. Practicing Henna began to withdraw an embedded artistic talent that never really surfaced in any other form. 
2) As an Indian, what significance does henna have for you? 
Though I started doing henna without any knowledge - historically, ethnically - I learned many things soon after. As an Indian, it is very important for me for every happy occasion I celebrate whether its a festival, wedding, my baby shower or even my birthday.
3) What is it you like most about being a henna artist?
When I see a big smile on my client's faces. When someone says that I made their day, when someone says they admire my piece of art. It boosts me so much... I love being a henna artist.
4) What advice would you have for any aspiring henna artists, or henna users out there?
Practice is the only key to get the perfection... I practice each and every single day. Inspiration from other artists is good, but try to create your own piece of artwork that justs belongs to you.. use those elements you are very comfortable with.
5) What would you say to those who think that henna should only be used for traditional occasions? 
Henna crossed borders long ago... its no longer just a traditional art form.
6) Who was your best customer you have done designs on, and why? 
I have done 1000's of people so far. They share bit of their life while I make the art. I never imagined in my life to reach this position...I meet people all over the world, every customer is so special... its a hard question because I have so many to choose from!





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