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Festival Henna


Henna kit, natural henna, henna

So for all us lucky Australians, and especially those living along the East coast, there is an exciting time of the year coming up this July… Splendour in the Grass! Only the biggest and best Australian festival, filled with music, arts and entertainment, and where else than the sunny coastal abode of Byron Bay. And for our European and American friends? Well you are in the midst of festival bliss!

Now don’t get us wrong, we do know how much of a battle festivals like this can sometimes be….Four days of sitting in the scorching sun, rolling in the knee deep mud and eating nothing but biscuits, cheese and the occasional late night kebab! Despite it literally being the best fun in the world, it can be a mission, no doubt about it! 

So this is where we come in – most mornings you will be sitting around your campsite, looking into the sky,  checking your watch to see when the next act is on and commenting about how much your ‘body hurts’. The only thing filling the time at that point is the drink in your big red cup! And this is the time where the Henna Kit can come to the rescue.

Why not bask in the sun, pass around the henna, draw your own henna designs, draw designs on somebody else, or even go all out and cover an entire arm and back! 

Don’t line up for hours and pay $50 for the same generic henna design while at the festival. Don’t look at the person next to you in the mosh pit to see they have the exact same ‘unique’ design on their wrist.

Henna kit, natural henna, henna

Bring your own Henna Kit and mixing oils, make up your henna and enjoy the fun of it, get your friends involved, pass it around, get creative – but be careful, it becomes quite addictive!

Henna kit, natural henna, henna

What if you don’t think you’ll have time to settle down for just a few moments while in the hectic moment of the festival? Then get your friends over and do your henna the night before departure day and enjoy the darkening stains as the festival carries on! 

Always feel free to flick us an email at any point with any questions at all – we are always wanting to help!

Henna kit, natural henna, henna


Also.... We have new products on the way which will make your creative festival get-up even easier! Think henna, and think super quick, easy and unique…. Stay tuned, they will be released this week! 

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