Handy Henna Tips – How can I get my Henna stain darker?

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Dark henna stains


Henna is a natural product, so the results can vary depending on a number of factors! For most of us, we want our natural henna stain to become as dark as it possibly can, and there are a whole bunch of things that we can do to help this happen! Use these henna tricks with your own natural Henna Kits!  

We warn everyone to be cautious of any Henna that advertises “instant henna stains” or “black henna stains” as often, this will not be henna at all – more like chemical dyes and preservatives! Read our blog on Black Henna to learn more about these unsafe hennas and how to tell the difference!

So, how can I make my henna stain darker?  

  1. One of the easiest tricks is to keep everything warm! Keep your henna warm while the dye is releasing (but don't leave it in sunlight), keep your skin warm while you are applying it, and keep yourself warm while you let the paste sit on your skin (here, you can sit in the sunlight). However, lets be sensible, don't try to put the henna in the microwave! 
  2. The longer you can leave the paste on your skin, the better the stain will be! If you are really motivated to get that super dark and long-lasting stain, maybe try wrapping the design in clingwrap (once it is dry) and leaving the paste on overnight
  3. Apply on harder and coarser skin rather than soft skin. Henna stains the best when it is applied to hard skin. This is why it tends to stain the darkest on the fingers and feet!
  4. Avoid having any moisturises or fake tan on your skin before applying! Henna will stain best when it is applied to clean and dry skin. Any layer on top of the skin, no matter how thin, will definitely reduce its ability to leave a solid stain!
  5. Try to avoid water for a few hours (or even up to 8 hours) after you remove the paste. This will really just help the stain set in.
  6. And finally, try to take care of the stain afterwards. Avoid exfoliation as much as possible – as the henna works by actually staining the skin, the way it comes off is actually by skin exfoliation, rather than falling off the skin itself! Henna stains are fine to be exposed to water, but the more water it is exposed to the more likely the skin is to exfoliate. Sometimes moisturising it afterwards can be helpful as this can reduce exfoliation.

Normally, the henna stain will be at its darkest about 24-48 hours after the paste has been removed.

The stain will sometimes vary depending on skin types. For some people, it will stain really dark, and for others, it just won’t get so dark no matter what they do.

We suggest to experiment! Have fun with it, and don’t stop enjoying the creativity!

Always feel free to get in touch with any henna questions or queries, we are always happy to help, or check our FAQs for more info!

dark henna stains



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