What is White Henna, and how does White Henna work?

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We have been getting a lot of questions lately about the increasingly popular 'White Henna'.

Is White Henna like normal henna? Does the henna stain white? Where can I find White Henna? 

Long story short, White Henna is very different to the normal, natural and standard henna. That is, it is barely henna at all! Sure, you can still use it to draw amazing designs on your skin, and you can still find natural white henna paste, however, it will not stain like natural brown henna will. 

This means that when you see people wearing white henna, it is the paste which you are seeing on their skin. Once that paste rubs off, there will not be any henna stain left behind. So basically you apply it, wear it, and then it will rub off without leaving a stain!

It does however, look amazing. And that is why we decided to release a White Henna Transfer Set to allow our amazing customers to enjoy it! With our transfer tattoos however, the stain will stay on for 2-5 days! No need to worry about rubbing on clothes and smudging pastes! The sets come with lots and lots of designs, allowing you to mix and match, and create your own unique designs! 

We have loved seeing our customers combining their natural Henna Kits with White Henna Transfer Tats! Mix and match, get creative, and enjoy!

Don't hesitate to contact us with questions at any time, we happily answer customer questions every day of the week! 

White Henna

White Henna

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