The story..... 


"We left searching for something, uncertain of our destination and intuitively following an unmarked path. We experienced a world where the complexities of life seem unhurried to be solved. Immersed in the technicolour explosion of pattern and aroma, we revelled in the creativity spilling from the minds of the people we met. 

Humbled and wondering, we sourced small treasures inspired by our adventures in the hope of sparking the same energy in likeminded souls, whose heart beats to the rhythm of ours. 

Whether within a bustling city or a humble remote village, we wanted to be able to share a small taste of these treasures with the rest of the world. We wanted to allow anyone, wherever they may be, to feel that little spark of adventure in their spirit, and respect its original origins while doing so. We aim to bring, inspire and promote fun, creativity, and sharing in every day life. Supporting deserving charities and causes, we want to make a difference. "

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Read more about the Background of Henna here. 

See our first treasure, the Henna Kit.

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We are a based (when not roaming) on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia, however we ship worldwide for a very reasonable price, and with fast shipping offers! We also have stockists all around the world! 

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We have put our heart and soul into everything we offer in our store. We are a small business with just a few young individuals trying to make a difference

The henna kit was tested and altered for months on end before being released for everyone's enjoyment. We strived to find the safest, most pure henna in the world, and also the henna that would be easiest to use. We have designed the henna kit so that whether you are a complete beginner to art, or an experienced henna artist, it will be the kit for you. We are also currently designing other products which will be unique and bring that spark of exotic remoteness to your doorstep - stay tuned! 

We will always go the long way to help those in need through our purchasing and manufacturing - it is these little things that count! 



We send our orders out every day with the help of our amazing partners! Spend $50 or more in store, and receive FREE international shipping! 
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After multiple years in the business, we are now so confident in our products that we offer a 365-day return and refund period, which can even include reasons from simply changing your mind, or if you genuinely were not happy with what you received! 

If that is the case, simply just let us know by email, return the item by post, and once it is marked as received, a full refund for the total price of the item will be issued right away! 

We always want our customers to be 100% guaranteed with our products, no matter what level of ability they are at, and depending on your concerns, we may be able to help you out with replacements and top up packs as well! 

Henna art requires a bit of time and patience to perfect. We will always be here to offer you ongoing support and guidance to help you get the look you desire. Check out our FAQS page or email us at with any queries.