Harmony Backpack Giveaway - Terms and Conditions

Harmony Backpack Giveaway - Terms and Conditions


Please read these these terms and conditions carefully. Should you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us via email at info@namastecollective.com.au 

  1. Duration

 i. The completion will commence on the 28th of June 2017, and will finish at by the end of July, 2017 (Namaste Collective maintains the right to vary the duration of the competition completely at its own discretion). 

  1. Eligibility

 i. There is no requirement for an individual to spend any money or make any purchases in order to enter the competition.

 ii. Only one entry will be accepted per person. Multiple entries by the same entrant, whether on multiple accounts or otherwise, will be invalid. An entrant reserves the right to unsubscribe from the emailing list at anytime, however if this action is taken prior to the draw of the winner, their eligibility will be revoked. 

 iii. Entries are open worldwide.

 iv. Entrants must comply with the specific instructions given on the original announcement post of the competition to be eligible to win.

 v. By entering the competition the entrant agrees to these terms and conditions of the competition, and submits that they are in a reasonable position to enter.

 vi. If under the age of 18 years old, the entrant submits they have received the consent of a legal guardian to enter the competition and have also to received consent to personally receive the prize if successful in winning the competition. 

 vii. Namaste Collective staff and representatives are prohibited from entering the competition.

  1. Prize

 i. The winner of the competition will be notified via email. If the winner does not respond within 60 days, Namaste Collective reserves the right to withdraw the prize and re-run the competition for another winner to claim that prize. 

 ii. The winner of the competition will:

          a) Receive the Harmony Backpack, as shown on the website for Namaste Collective. The winner will be given the option as to whether they would like to allow their first name, and / or Instagram account, announced publicly as the winner of the prize. Due to privacy reasons, Namaste Collective will not publish details of the winner publicly or upon request of third parties if it is against the winners wishes. 


 iv. The winner of the competition will be chosen in a way that is fair and unbiased by having an independent party pick at random.   


      4. Miscellaneous

 i. This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform in which it is promoted

 ii. Australian law will govern this competition and its terms and conditions.

  1. Reserved Rights

 i. Namaste Collective reserves the right to refuse offering the prize, if the terms and conditions are not met, or if other conditions arise where it would be fair, reasonable and expected to refuse payments.

 ii) Namaste Collective reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions without notice throughout the duration of the competition in a fair and reasonable manner. The changes will take effect from the moment the website page is updated and goes live.



Namaste Collective refers to Namaste Collective Pty Ltd.

The ‘Competition’ refers to the competition giveaway run by Namaste Collective throughout the dates of 28.06.2017 – 30.07.2017 (and as varied by Namaste Collective. The winner will be announced by the end of July, 2017. 

Winner refers to the person randomly chosen, by an independent volunteer, to receive the cash prize of the Harmony Backpack, as shown on the website. The winner will be selected from our email list subscribers, completely at random.